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A word from the founder

Being a human does not come with any instruction manual but there are fundamentals to our wellness and survival that we all share: feeling loved and feeling a sense of belonging. As we grow in age, we are trying to figure out who we are, what makes us special ALL while trying to figure out where we belong, who are our people.

Sometimes, the support of a professional counselor/psychotherapist can make that journey feel more manageable. The therapeutic relationship in and of itself can be an opportunity to be in community with someone who is ready to work with you, warmly, compassionately, without judgement, and with understanding and training grounded in evidenced based and ancestral practices.


You already have existing tools, Therapy To A Tea guides you in identifying better uses for those tools and facilitates your access to new tools for more healthier engaging with your self, your folx and your environment.

please email to inquire about services with one of our counselors.

with care,

mychelle williams, LPC, NCC


Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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