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timeline for new clients

let us outline what to expect


email inquiry

this is when you let us know you are interested in one of our services. 

you will get information about rates according to the provider, and scheduling availability.


once your review that information and feel aligned so far,  you will receive an invitation to the client portal.

only telehealth

we do not accept insurance

client portal

the client portal is a place to request appts, cancel appts, review practice policies and procedures and to view and download and supplemental materials provided by your therapist.


once you accept the invitation to the client portal, you will have practice documents which include consent for telehealth, to read over and sign. this must be completed before the consultation.

you can request a day and time for  your initial consultation or our admin will schedule your initial consultation.

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initial consultation

you will receive an appt reminder with the link for a video consultation. if you are on a computer, all you have to do is follow the link. if you are one a phone or tablet, you will need to download the simple practice app. you will also have this information in your appt reminder email. 

during the consultation you share a little about yourself, what you are looking to accomplish, and what you are looking for in a therapist. and the therapist will be asking questions and providing information to assess if you all are the best fit based on your needs, your availability, their training/expertise and their availability.

first therapy session

if we are here, it means that you live in the state where the clinician is licensed, the clinician's skillset is appropriate for your expressed needs so far,  you can afford the services and you have agreed on a meeting day and time that works for all involved.

the first 2 therapy sessions will be focused on getting to know you, laying the foundations of building rapport with the clinician, goals setting and planning. 

happy healing!

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