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queer black therapist mychelle williams

mychelle williams


licensed professional counselor + emdr trained therapist 

licensed in district of columbia

Mychelle is passionate about and grounded in Trauma-Informed care and approaches that integrate the whole person, mind and body.


They are currently providing direct services to gender diverse  and neurodiverse individuals with goals of becoming confident in their identities, understanding how their mind and body works and how to healthily engage with social and professional relationships with less distress. Mychelle provides relationship coaching and counseling to partners in/or interested in ethically non-monogamous relationships, with emphasis on adaptive co-regulation, boundary reshaping and implementation, and repair following a relationship violation.

Mychelle is an approved internship and practicum supervisor for counselors in training from NYU, and provides clinical consultation to other mental health professionals, particularly regarding appropriate care and treatment planning for queer and trans clients. In addition to consulting, Mychelle has provided wellness workshops and supported employee resource groups in partnership with Jansen, Microsoft, Therapy for Black Girls, Them magazine, the Census Bureau, Refinery 29, Smile Therapy Services, and Accenture

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licensed mental health counselor + emdr trained therapist

licensed in new york, georgia, and florida.

Pierre is dedicated to an integrative/eclectic, client-centered, trauma-focused, systemic oppression-aware therapeutic approach. He is an EMDR-trained therapist who also uses somatic, narrative, motivational interviewing, solution-focused, and dialectical-behavioral theories and practices in his work.  He believes clients are experts in their own right and bring their expertise on themselves and their lives to the table when they come to therapy. He believes in working collaboratively with clients, using their areas of expertise to work on the clients' reasons for coming to therapy. It is important to him, as a therapist, to create a safe space for clients in session through co-regulation and modeling being in healthy relationship as a way to encourage growth and to empower clients to use the tools they need to find meaning and wellness in their own lives.

Pierre authors a mental health blog that showcases his experiences and position as a Black queer psychotherapist in the counseling field, in this country, and in the greater world and is the Founder of MHC4OC -Mental Health Counseling for Our Communities, PLLC, to provide FREE culturally competent, trauma-informed, ethical therapy for Black folx.

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ariara odom

professional counselor in training

Ariarna Odom is a graduate student in New York University Steinhardt’s Mental Health Counseling and Wellness program. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Ariarna has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts, with a Dance Concentration and a minor in Psychology from Howard University. In pursuit of her artistic aspirations, Ariarna discovered a passion to be an agent of healing and empowerment to underserved individuals and families of color living in urban environments. A current youth dance instructor and former mentor, Ariarna desires to help youth recognize and cultivate their potential through mental health care resources and the creative arts.


As a Black woman, Ariarna is also fervent in fostering the acceptance and affirmation of Black beauty among Black women that involves uprooting internalized racism and ending the perpetuation of colorism, and she is most interested in utilizing trauma-informed practices and expressive arts modalities to facilitate the mental and emotional healing of people. 

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