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Therapy To A Tea, Co

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“If I didn’t define myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive,"

Audre Lorde

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All About Therapy To A Tea, Co

A Therapy Practice for Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous and People of Color

We combine trauma-informed, person-centered, decolonized, and holistic approaches to curate a safe space that promotes healing, growth and identity reconciliation through individual, couples and group therapy.

We prioritize the mental health of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

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Relationship Consultation

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Solution-focused consultation and collaboration to gain insight, and resolve interpersonal conflict through establishing and enhancing boundaries, understanding, connection, and intimacy. with people in relationship. Solution-focused consultation and collaboration to establish and enhance boundaries, understanding, connection and intimacy with people in relationship.


Individual Mental Health Counseling

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One on one, person-centered, holistic and trauma-informed collaboration to facilitation the journey to self awareness, self compassion, improved self esteem, and change behaviors which all add up to identity reconciliation.


Professional Consultation

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Healing Circle

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Offered seasonally, healing circles serve as a place to be in community while describing and discussing shared experiences and learning and applying strategies to cope in every day life.

Therapy Office

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Therapy Funding

At Therapy To A Tea, Co we reserve 25% of our client load for pro bono clients and another 25% to clients in financial need. Donation to this fund not only means investing in at least 50% the clients we serve but also the clinicians that we work with. 

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